Why choose Akavia?

We are experts on the professions of our members. In today’s volatile labour market, being a member gives you the security of knowing that our expert advisors and negotiators support you in many ways.

Throughout your career

We know you have put energy, ambition and resources into your education – and want a return on this investment. Akavia believes in your ability to develop at work and offers a range of tools and networking opportunities to give you the full benefit of your education.

We work on shaping public opinion, highlighting our members’ contributions to society development and promoting issues that are important to them, such as equal opportunities, so that all graduates enjoy the same chance of a rewarding career, regardless of their background or gender.

Compared to other unions, another major advantage with Akavia is that you can be a member throughout your career, regardless of where your work, in the private sector, the state or municipality, or whether you are employed, self-employed or a manager. You will not have to transfer membership to another union if you change position or industry.

Akavia is politically independent and the third-largest union in Saco, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations. Our size gives us a strong voice to use on behalf of our members, both on the labour market and in public debate.

Become a member

Joining Akavia will give you support and help in work-related issues.