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Contact us for advice and support regarding your employment or if you have questions related to your membership.

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010-303 75 00

We are here for you, whether you have questions regarding your membership, invoices, membership benefits, or if you need advice or support regarding:

• Salary
• Employment conditions
• Collective agreements and employment contracts
• Redundancy and notice periods
• Parental leave and holiday leave
• Work environment

Weekdays 9:00–17:00

Who is Akavia?

Akavia is committed to advancing your professional career. Join us for expert guidance, protection of your rights and exclusive benefits tailored to the needs of our members.

Who Can Become a Member?

Akavia is a lifelong career partner that values education and supports your professional journey – regardless of your sector, industry or position.

Why Join a Union?

Explore how union membership can help you in your career in Sweden and learn about the advantages of being in a union as a university-educated professional.

Why Choose Akavia?

Your development and security in your working life is our top priority – regardless of your role, industry, or sector. Join Akavia – the union for academics.