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Akavia is the union for 140,000 university-educated professionals. We are a lifelong career partner that prioritises your development and job security – throughout your working life.

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Our Most Popular Benefits

As a member of Akavia, you have access to over 30 membership benefits, including:

  • Protect Your Income with Income Insurance

    If you lose your job, Akavia’s income insurance can compensate you so that you get 80 per cent of your salary up to a maximum of 100,000 kronor per month for 120 working days, (equivalent to about six months). This allows you to focus on other things than worrying about your finances if you should become unemployed.

  • Get Support from Experts When You Need It

    From your first day as a member, you have access to individual support from experts on labour law and help with reviewing the terms of your employment contract.

  • Take the Next Step in Your Career

    Receive personal guidance and advice from an expert to help you advance in your career. Get inspiration through our events and webinars and make connections through our mentorship programme.

  • The Right Salary for You

    Use Sweden's largest database of salary statistics for university-educated professionals to find the relevant salary levels in your industry. We are here to assist and guide you – whether you want to know the factors that determine your starting salary or you need strong arguments to help you in your salary negotiation.

An application in English is coming soon, but for now, continue in Swedish and translate the website via your browser. You can also become a member by contacting our membership support.

Who Can Be a Member of Akavia?

As your education is the main criterion for membership of Akavia, you can be a member throughout your entire working life, regardless of which sector, industry or role you work in.

To become a member of Akavia, you need to have:

  • A bachelor's degree or higher in business, economics, law, social sciences, IT and systems science, human resources, PR or communication from a university or college, or
  • An equivalent academic degree from a university or college, mostly consisting of subjects listed above, or
  • Be studying one or more of the subjects listed above to bachelor’s level or above at a university or college.

Don't Have a University Degree?

If you do not have an academic education, you can be granted an exemption in some cases. Contact our membership services team and explain why you wish to become a member, for example, if your job involves tasks usually performed by people with an academic education in one of the areas listed above.

You can reach our membership services team on 010-303 75 00. We usually respond within a few minutes and are open on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00. You can also reach us using our contact form.

Are You a Student?

As a student member of Akavia, you have access to all our membership benefits except the Akavia income insurance. Membership of Akavia is free of charge for students.

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Akavia is a Partner Throughout Your Career

As a member of Akavia, your development and security in working life is our top priority, regardless of your role, industry or sector. Focus on your career, ensure peace of mind with our income insurance and get advice from experts – throughout your entire working life.

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