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Who Can be a Member of Akavia?

Akavia is a lifelong career partner that values education and supports your professional journey – regardless of your sector, industry or position.

Regardless of Sector, Industry or Role

To be a member of Akavia, you need to have:

  • A bachelor's degree or higher in business, economics, law, social sciences, IT and systems science, human resources, PR or communication from a university or college, or
  • An equivalent academic degree from a university or college, mostly consisting of subjects listed above, or
  • Be studying one or more of the subjects listed above to bachelor’s level or above at a university or college.

If you do not have an academic education, you can be granted an exemption in some cases. Contact our membership services team and explain why you wish to become a member, for example if your job involves tasks usually performed by people with an academic education in one of the areas listed above.

Your Partner Regardless of Your Career Path

If you are a member of Akavia, you do not need to switch unions if you decide to change your career path. At Akavia, you can be a member throughout your entire career – regardless of your role, position, sector or industry.

  • Professionally active

    Akavia has over 140,000 members, of which around 107,000 are professionally active. As a professionally active member, you have access to a range of benefits, including income insurance and advice and support regarding salary, contracts or redundancy. Additionally, we also provide Sweden's best salary statistics, and for those needing assistance with career choices, we offer a number of career services.

  • Managers

    As a manager, regardless of your title, you must be able to lead and develop employees and manage operations. If you need advice and support in your role as a manager, you can contact Akavia representatives and experts who are well-versed in all matters related to the managerial role, such as employment conditions, work environment and other work-related issues.

  • Students

    If you are studying for a degree in economics, law, systems science, IT, social sciences, human resources or communication, Akavia is the trade union for you. You can also become a member if you are enrolled on a programme that does not result in a degree in these subjects but typically leads to work with tasks performed by individuals with an academic degree. Membership is free of charge for students.

  • Self-employed

    Running your own business or starting a new company involves a lot of decisions and choices. That is why Akavia offers services and benefits specifically designed for you and your situation. As a self-employed member, you have access to everything from advice on legal matters, parental leave, fees and holiday leave to insurance and unemployment protection.

  • Retired

    You can continue to be a member of Akavia after retirement. As a retired member, you can continue to enjoy many of our membership benefits. Our members’ magazine, Akavia Aspekt, will still be delivered to your home, and you are still welcome to attend our free seminars and webinars. And of course you will still have access to our members’ discounts and offers.

The Union for Academics

Popular Membership Benefits

Explore your benefits as a member of Akavia: exclusive salary statistics, personalised advice, and professional reviews to empower your professional journey.

This is Akavia

Akavia is committed to advancing your professional career. Join us for expert guidance, protection of your rights and exclusive benefits tailored to the needs of our members.

We Are Experts on Your Profession

Akavia is the trade union for 140,000 university-educated professionals within business administration, economics, law, social sciences, computer and systems science, HR management and PR/communication.

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