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Membership Benefits

Explore our membership benefits that are tailor-made for you who are economists, lawyers, social scientists, IT professionals, HR specialists and communicators.

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Explore Our Income Insurance

As a professionally active member of the trade union Akavia and the unemployment fund Akademikernas a-kassa, you have our income insurance protection included automatically in your membership.

Legal Support and Advice

As a member of Akavia, you have access to advice and guidance concerning your career and employment terms and conditions from our negotiators/advisors who are specialists in Swedish labour law.

More Membership Benefits

Explore your benefits as a member of Akavia: exclusive salary statistics, personalised advice, and professional reviews to empower your professional journey.

Insure Your Income by Being a Member

Akavia's Income Insurance complements the compensation you receive from the unemployment fund, allowing you to receive up to 80 percent of your income, up to a level of 100,000 SEK per month, for 120 working days (equivalent to six months) if you become involuntarily unemployed. 

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