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Welcome to Akavia

We are the trade union for university-educated professionals, supporting members throughout their working lives – regardless of sector, industry or role.

About Akavia

Who Can Become a Member

Join us and get a lifelong career partner that supports you with expert advice on your profession and membership benefits, tailor-made for professionals.

This is Akavia

Explore the professional trade union that provides expert advice, career support and exclusive benefits. Join us for a secure and successful career journey.

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Join the union with 140,000 members who are economists, lawyers, social scientists, IT professionals, HR specialists or communication professionals.

Included in Your Membership

Explore Our Income Insurance

As a professionally active member of the trade union Akavia and of the Akademikernas a-kassa unemployment insurance fund, our income insurance protection is included automatically in your membership at no extra cost.

Legal Support and Advice

As a member of Akavia, you have access to advice and guidance on your career and employment conditions from our negotiators/advisers, who are specialists in Swedish labour law.

More Membership Benefits

Explore your benefits as a member of Akavia: exclusive salary statistics, personalised advice, and professional reviews to empower your professional journey.

New in Sweden

The Swedish Model

Learn about the foundation of the Swedish labour market, where collective agreements regulate most of your terms and conditions of employment.

Collective Agreements

Explore the role of collective agreements in Sweden and their positive impact on the labour market – both for employees and employers.

Why Join a Union

Explore how union membership can help you in your career in Sweden and learn about the advantages of being in a union as a university-educated professional.

Your Partner, Regardless of Your Career Path

At Akavia, your education is our focus. We support you throughout your entire working life – regardless of sector, industry or role. Become a member and thrive in your career.

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