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Why Join a Union in Sweden?

Explore what a union can do for you in your career in Sweden and learn about why it is beneficial to join a union as a professional.

The Power of Union Membership in Sweden

There are many reasons to join a union – and you will not be alone if you do so as around 70 percent of all employees in Sweden are union members. The right of association in Sweden ensures your freedom to join any union of your preference. Unions play a prominent role in Sweden, and employers commonly endorse and support union participation.

Explore Different Trade Unions in Sweden

In Sweden, there are different types of unions that gather members based on various factors. Some unions bring together individuals working in a specific industry, others are based on the sector you work in, and some unions focus on your educational background. You choose which union to join based on what matters to you.

Secure Your Workplace Rights in Sweden

When working in Sweden, you will likely have questions about your employment, such as:

  • Am I paid appropriately?
  • How do I negotiate a higher salary?
  • What does different clauses in my employment contract mean?
  • How does parental leave work in Sweden?
  • My boss wants me to work overtime, can they demand that from me?
  • What rules apply to termination in Sweden?
  • I've been offered a position with a competitor. How should I go about making the right decision?
  • What happens if I am on sick leave?

In today's volatile labour market, being a member of a union gives you the security of knowing that you can always turn to an expert who supports you. Unions have expert knowledge about the Swedish labour market and legislation. As a member you get access to expert advice concerning your work life, whether it’s about your current job situation, career development, salary in a specific role or industry, employment contract, or working terms and conditions. As a member, you’ll have access to personal advisory services to ensure that you have a secure work life in Sweden.

Get Access to Exclusive Membership Benefits

Each union builds its activities and membership benefits based on its members' specific needs. Some have discounts on insurances, vacation rentals, career support, advisory services, events, and seminars about issues or interests for their membership base.

By being a member of Akavia, you gain access to over thirty membership benefits that are tailor-made for academics. The membership benefits provide you with work-life security and opportunities for professional development.

Our most popular benefits include:

  • Protect Your Income with Income Insurance

    Akavia’s income insurance can ensure you 80 percent of your salary up to 100,000 kronor per month for 120 working days (equivalent to about six months) if you lose your job. This allows you to focus on what you want instead of worrying about your finances.
  • Get Support When You Need It

    It's important that you feel confident about what rights you have at work. As a member, you receive support in employment law issues, advice before salary negotiations, and help reviewing the terms of your employment contract.
  • Take the Next Step in Your Career

    As a member, you can get assistance in advancing your career. Receive personal guidance and advice from an expert, be inspired by events and webinars, and make connections through our mentor program.
  • The Right Salary for You

    We are experts in salary matters. Whether you want well-founded arguments for your salary negotiation or want to learn more about the factors that affect your starting salary, we are here to provide guidance along the way.

Empower Workplace Influence

In Sweden, the labour market is regulated both by laws, which provide the minimum level for working conditions, and by collective agreements that supplement them with additional and improved conditions. It is the unions and employers who jointly agree on the content of the collective agreement that regulates, for example, terms and conditions, working hours, and wages.

As a union member with a local union association, you and your co-workers can influence the workplace. For example, before the employer makes organizational decisions, salary processes and development, working conditions, employment terms, as well as conditions. It is the strength of the collective that allows you to access individual benefits negotiated by unions.

Advocacy for Issues Affecting Your Working Life

Not all unions in Sweden are openly party-political, but some are. Others influence the social debate and drive societal development through advocacy on issues important to their members, regardless of political party. The power of a union lies in how many members the union has, and if they organize members within industries that are important to society as a whole.

Notably, Akavia is politically independent, allowing consistent advocacy to highlight the value of our members to societal development and address issues crucial to you as a member. One such area is equal opportunity careers, ensuring that, regardless of gender or background, all academics have an equal chance to thrive in the workplace.

We believe in the individual's ability to take responsibility for their professional development, employability, and competitiveness. We start with you as an individual, focusing on advocating for issues important to you from your studies throughout your working life.

Access Expert Guidance in Your Profession

By joining a union focused on your educational background, you can be a member throughout your entire working life, regardless of sector, industry or role. Another benefit is that unions that organise based on your education are specialists in their members' professions.

For us at Akavia, it's your education that matters, as it is the foundation of your career as an academic graduate. As a member, you are our top priority, receiving expert advice tailored to your industry and profession. Moreover, you become a valuable part of one of the best networks for academics. Special memberships are available for students, entrepreneurs, and managers, offering exclusive benefits tailored to your position.

Legal Support and Advice

Get access to support and guidance concerning your career and employment terms and conditions from our negotiators/advisors who are specialists in Swedish labour law.

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Union Membership in Sweden

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