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This is Akavia

Committed to advancing your academic career. Join us for expert guidance, rights protection, and exclusive benefits tailored for academics.

The Union for Academics

Akavia is the union for those who have chosen the academic path. Formed in 2020 by Jusek and Civilekonomerna, the union currently brings together 140,000 members, of whom 107,000 are professionals. The union is politically independent and ranks as the third-largest within Saco (the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations). We are experts in:

  • Economists
  • Lawyers
  • Social scientists
  • IT professionals
  • HR specialists
  • Communicators

The name "Akavia" signifies the academic path and represents all that we believe in science over opinion and facts over speculation. We understand that your academic education is one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime, laying the foundation for both economic and personal development. A future return manifests in engaging tasks, a stimulating work environment, and a salary aligned with responsibilities and content.

Why Choose Akavia?

Akavia is the union for those seeking maximum leverage from their academic education and job security. Our mission is to empower you in your professional life, tailored to your situation and needs. As a member, you gain access to over 30 membership benefits. Feeling secure in your workplace rights is crucial. We're here for you throughout your career, providing support in labour law matters, advice for salary negotiations, and assistance in reviewing your employment contract.

By joining Akavia, you receive assistance in advocating for issues important to you and your profession. We ensure you get better conditions at work, either through our collective agreements or through individual agreements with employers. This includes aspects such as your salary, working environment, pension, and vacation.

Five Reasons to Join Akavia

About the Membership

Who can become a member

Get a lifelong career partner that values education and supports your professional journey – regardless of which sector, branch of industry or position you excel.

Membership Benefits

Explore your benefits as a member of Akavia: exclusive salary statistics, personalized advice, and professional reviews to empower your professional journey.

Your Partner Regardless of Career Path

At Akavia, your education is our focus. We support you throughout your entire working life – regardless of sector, industry or role. Become a member and excel in your career path.

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